Womanhood, ethics & sustainability

We are Appre. We make quality, elegant and super feminine pieces. For all women who want to underline their natural feminine beauty.

We make timeless clothing that doesn´t follow fast trends and will stay up to date for many seasons to come.

We run small productions to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of every garment.

Who we are

Everything we do is made to last.

We care about what happens with our clothes after they're purchased. These pieces are made to last both physically and in terms of design. We don't believe in fast trends but we do believe in carefully sourced materials that can make a huge difference in durability and pleasure.

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Sustainability and ethics.

We're constantly trying to manufacture our products as sustainably and ethically as possible. We're not perfect - to achieve a balance of sustainability and practicality, we sometimes have to make compromise. Every day we're getting better and closer to our vision of a responsible fashion brand that is beneficial for our society.

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