Jak se starat o oblečení, aby Vám co nejdéle vydrželo.

Appre tips on how to take care of your clothes to make them last longer

Jak se starat o oblečení, aby Vám co nejdéle vydrželo.

25th June 2021, Anna H.

1. You don´t need to wash your clothes so often

No matter how good quality the material is, it will always wear out when worn and washed. The less we wash our clothes, the longer they last. A side effect (and great!) is that the environment benefits too. A huge amount of water and energy is consumed by using the washing machine. However, it is often enough to just hang the clothes on a hanger and leave it in the fresh air for a while, thus reducing the number of washing cycles.

2. Sort out the laundryAlways wash your clothes with similar color shades.

Not only that the white pieces won´t get stained from the colored ones, but also the colored ones will retain their shade for longer.Sort the laundry according to the material as well. In the washing machine, the individual pieces rub against each other, and if you wash a soft top together with jeans, for example, they will very easily be irretrievably damaged.

3. Use only high quality detergent

Your skin, planet and finally your wallet will thank you. Conventional detergents contain certain chemicals, such as chlorine or sulphates, which can cause serious skin problems. Of course, these chemicals will not disappear by washing, but they continue to waste and thus become a great burden for our planet. Also, on clothing that will be exposed to these chemicals for a long time, the tooth of time will be known sooner. The best solution is to use environmentally and eco friendly laundry detergents. In addition, it is often sufficient to use a small amount of such a detergent, so the package will last longer and, in the end, washing will be cheaper.

4. Dry inside outNever put your clothes in the dryer.

The hot air inside the dryer affects the quality of the fibers and your clothing will be worn out more quickly. Instead, allow the clothes to air dry. However, make sure that the clothes are not exposed to direct sunlight. If you dry the garments inside out, the effect of the sun will be even smaller and the colors will retain their brightness for longer.

5. Iron on the reverse side

Never iron your clothes at a higher temperature than the one recommended by the manufacturer. In particular, fabrics with a proportion of man-made fibers are not built for higher temperatures. Iron all clothes on the reverse side, and be careful especially where there are multiple layers of fabric. Ironed pockets, lining or zippers on the front side simply do not look good.

6. Repair

A torn button or a broken zipper does not necessarily mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite piece. Lots of things can be repaired. And in the end, repaired clothes do not mean that you cannot afford new stuff, but on the contrary, it means that you care about things.

7. Pay attention to where you shop

And the most important tip in the end. Pay attention to where you shop. Don't be afraid to ask sellers questions and be interested in the origin of the things you surround yourself with.