Tip na udržitelnou dovolenou

Sustainable vacation

Tip na udržitelnou dovolenou

30.8.2021, Anna H.

The summer season is mostly over and many of you have definitely enjoyed a well-deserved vacation. And for those of you who still have some days off left for this year, or simple prefer to avoid the summer crowds and plan vacation in September, here is our tip for a sustainable travels!

Some time ago I have discovered long-distance hiking. Now I hike most of my days off. It is not only a great way to relax and escape from the daily hustle, but also a way to afford a long term vacation. For example, the last long distance trail - around the borders of the Czech Republic - I hiked about 70 days.

This type of vacation has many benefits. And it doesn't have to be necessarily a long-distance hike lasting months and counting thousands of kilometers. Just go hiking for a weekend!

You minimize the carbon footprint

It is probably clear to most that the less we travel by plane or by car the better. In recent years I have been going on vacation less often, but for a longer period. This minimizes the number of trips around the world and gives me the opportunity to really enjoy the atmosphere of the final destination. I also keep getting closer and closer to home and I travel where I can go, for example by train or go on vacation on foot directly from home.

You learn to just “be”

If you go on such a holiday alone - which I recommend you try at least once in your life - and moreover, somewhere further away from civilization, you will probably gain a completely new experience in your life. On vacation where your aim is to hike from point A to point B, you will spend most of your time walking. Maybe 10 hours a day, when you cannot get busy with another activity. You won't talk to anyone, you won't turn on the TV, you won't start working or cleaning, you won't reach for a book, crossword puzzle or your phone. Suddenly you realize that you have a huge amount of time ahead of you when you are exclusively with yourself. You can't simulate that in everyday life. You have a unique opportunity to be truly yourself and completely get rid of various everyday stressful situations.

You have time to take a closer look 

Moving through the landscape on foot has the undeniable advantage that at this pace you have the time to really see and perceive everything. Also if you walk on your own or with an equally fast / slow partner, you can determine the pace and take your time to look at your surroundings.

You don´t need much

If you go on holiday on foot, you will have to carry all your necessities with you. Once your luggage doesn´t comfortably sit in the car, but carry but on your back you really think about what you actually (don't) need with you. You will find out that you really need the bare minimum and that we often surround ourselves with a pile of redundant things in life.

You spend close to nothing

Not only will you not spend money on gasoline and foreign highway tolls, but if you go to a location far away from any civilization, you spend close to nothing, because you will have no stores to go to. Nevertheless, I recommend planning your route and time wisely, so you have the opportunity to visit local restaurants and attractions and support the local community in the region, which you honor with your visit!

Save travels ladies!

Anna, CEO & Founder