Tipy na vánoční dárky, které pořídíte i na poslední chvíli

Last minute Christmas gift tips

Tipy na vánoční dárky, které pořídíte i na poslední chvíli

14th Dec, 2021, Anna H.


If you're like me, you are now very surprised to find out that Santa is here in just ten days (!) and you simply don't have anything ready for Christmas! No worries! Since I experience this feeling year after year, I have already collected tips for great Christmas gifts that you can get at the last minute. Plus, no horrifying running around the malls!


Gifts you can eat.

Because Christmas in our family is not all about pompous gifts, but rather about great times, TV fairy tales and good food, gifts that can be eaten are always very welcomed.

The biggest hit among the gifts made in the kitchen is clearly pickled camembert. It will please especially the male part of the family. Pickled camembert is made of commonly available ingredients, which you will definitely get on Christmas Day. Also, you can prepare them just before Christmas and at the New Year's Eve party they will be ready! Great recipe - and a hand full of tips on how not to spoil it, you can find here.


Dárek, co se dá sníst? Nakládaný hermelín!


If you are not exactly a cheese fan and prefer rather biscuits, try baking these non-traditional salty herbs ones! Also, Sandra, who is not only the author of this recipe, but also an excellent mom, friend and cook, published her first book of her own Sun and Spanish-scented recipes "Spolu snime" which is another great gift tip.

If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely enjoy the Pink Raspberry Sweets by Karolina Fourova. They taste great, they look beautiful and they are not baked, so you can make them in the very last minute!



The Voucher

Remember Joey and his Coupon for an hour of Joey love? Well that's what I mean. Sort of.

To our moms and grandmas the time we give them and spend together is more precious than all the gifts of the world. Give your grandmother, mother or anyone else a voucher for time spent together. Come up with a program and take them on a trip, a walk, to a theater, to a spa, or you can maybe cook something together.

A good tip for a trip or a walk is a botanical garden or a boat trip (for example in Prague on the Vltava river or in Brno on a dam or anywhere else). For great wellness experience you can visit Frantiskovy Lazne or if you live by the other side of this country you can visit Luhacovice.


Vezměte babičku na výlet, třeba do botanické zahrady.



And if you want something more practical, you can give a voucher for cleaning windows, sewing curtains, drilling a shelf or anything else you can help your loved one with.


Home-made cosmetics

You are definitely able to make simple and organic home-made cosmetics yourself. You can try a peeling or a bath salt, for example. You will make a great gift that your sister, mother and friends definitely appreciate. And I am sure you have the ingredients at home already!

Home peeling is very easy to make. You can use cane sugar, sea salt or ground coffee as a base. The second component of peeling can be coconut or olive oil. You can add various essential oils or cinnamon to add the scent. Great tips for making a home peeling can be found here.


Appre tip na dárek - vyrobte si vlastní peeling.



So, do you feel inspired by my last minute Christmas tips? What are you going to make this year?

I wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas!