Udržitelnost za každou cenu? Hlavně buďte v pohodě!

Sustainability at all costs? Just be cool!

Udržitelnost za každou cenu? Hlavně buďte v pohodě!

18th August 2021, Anna H.

Sometimes I have a sad feeling that the word sustainability is used so often that it must annoy even the most loyal supporters. And what about those others who are just getting acquainted with this concept and slow lifestyle experience?

After all, long-term sustainability means that something is sustainable in the long run, so it can be repeated for a long time. And today, the modern hunt for sustainability at all costs is not sustainable itself. It is not possible to drastically change your habits and way of thinking from day to day. Sustainable habits are only those ones that make you feel good, and therefore it will not be a problem for you to repeat them over a long period of time.

Just be cool.

Most likely, you will never achieve 100% living in accordance with "sustainability" without any impact on the environment around you. Just reading this article means that you have a mobile phone in your hand or you are looking at a computer screen made from components made who knows where. And one day they will end up in the same place - who nows where. The hunt for sustainability is unsustainable. But it is essential to do and change at least something. Do what is close to your heart and makes you happy.

No idea what to do with your free weekend? So go somewhere for two days on foot from where you live. You will see that you will experience a lot. There is no need to fly to Rome for the weekend just because the ticket costs 10 EUR. Or plant a tree. Or go explore a grocery store with goods with no plastic packaging. Choose your way, the possibilities are endless. If everyone does at least something towards a more sustainable way of life on this planet, it will be a huge shift for society as a whole. Just find ways that make sense to you and makes you happy. Because only when you are happy can you spread happiness and inspiration around you.

A privilege for the rich? Nonsense!

There is also a myth in society that a sustainable lifestyle is only for a select few of the rich. I dare say it's the other way around. Looking back on my life so far, I had the most sustainable approach to consumption and shopping in those moments when I didn't have much money. Anyway the most sustainable product is the one you already have, or inherit or for example exchange with a friend. And the most sustainable garment is the one that is already part of your wardrobe. Therefore, it is great to think over buying new stuff from the beginning, and buy only things that will last a long time. You know this saying, "We're not rich enough to afford to buy cheap stuff."

The second-hand is not my cup of tea.

I understand the reluctance of most people to buy second-hand garments and I will not convince you that it is the most sustainable and modern way of dressing. Because actually it is not, but we can talk more about it next time. Wearing something that was worn by someone else that you don't know anything about, is simply not for everyone and that's totally fine. But there are a lot of things except second-hand clothes, that we buy as used and it's a perfectly normal thing for most of us. For example, used cars are commonly sold. Myself, I learned to buy second-hand books or exchange them with friends. We also have a large part of the furniture inherited from our parents, grandparents, and even our great-grandmother. And if this is still not your cup of tea, it is fine too. You can be on the "other side of the barricade" and give the stuff that you have exchanged for new ones to someone who will be happy to have and use them.

And once we learn not to buy and accumulate things that are of poor quality and that we don't need at all, we will find that we have much more time and space to enjoy what we really love and make us happy in the long run. Myself I learned to sew. And what is it for you?


Anna, CEO & Founder of Appre