Appreciate womanhood. Appreciate ethics. Appreciate sustainability.

Appre is a brand born in the Czech Republic built around the idea of sustainable and timeless womanly fashion.

We design our pieces to last both in the physical realm and in design. They might not follow the latest trends, but will follow you through multiple seasons and years to come.

Our materials are carefully sourced and selected so they create a balance of sustainability, practicality and pleasure to wear. We use fair trade and organic materials wherever possible and are actively searching for new options to reduce our impact on the environment. We're not perfect, but we're improving every day.

Appre je značka z České republiky postavená na myšlence udržitelné a nadčasové ženské módy.  Naše kousky navrhujeme tak, aby vydržely jak dlouhodobé nošení, tak změny trendů. Nejsou to poslední výstřelky módy, ale za to vám budou dělat radost několik let.

We produce in small series.

Very often we produce only a few pieces by style. We do this to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of every garment. So you can enjoy the great feeling that what you are wearing is almost no one else's.

Everything we do is made to last.

We care about what happens with our clothes after they're purchased. These pieces are made to last both physically and in terms of design. We don't believe in fast trends but we do believe in carefully sourced materials that can make a huge difference in durability and pleasure.

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Not only about sustainable fashion, but also tips and tricks on how to keep your clothes like new for ages.

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