Who are we?

Welcome to the world of Appre! My name is Anna and I am its founder.

The shiny world of fashion has always attracted me, so I decided to go to where it shone the most. To Hollywood.

I moved from Prague to Los Angeles and started working as an assistant fashion designer for a smaller clothing brand. Then I worked for a while for the luxury showroom of one rich lady from New York. I helped out in the trend forecasting agency and dealt with the organization of runway shows. I tried to make up the most of all the opportunities that life had prepared for me.

Why we do it?

The more I immersed myself in the secrets of the fashion industry, the less this world made any sense. On one side, we see the magic of robes from red carpets, and on the other side, we do not see the inhuman working conditions of those who actually make these clothes for us. So I left this world and returned home to Prague where I later founded Appre - a clothing brand that values fair and ethical approach.

The Appre brand was founded to offer quality, elegant and, most importantly, ethically made fashion. At Appre, we try our best to find a balance between aesthetics and practicality. We make sure that our pieces are wearable and easy to combine.

Our goal is not to sell as many different products as possible, but to show that it is better to have a couple of well-combined, wearable and high-quality pieces, in which you feel just great! That is why we offer simple, timeless and one-color pieces, which can be paired both with high hells and sneakers. We want you to love our pieces and thus they become an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

All Appre collections are created in our Prague studio by the hands of skillful tailors or in our partner sewing factory in the Czech Republic. We take great care to select the highest quality materials for you, which will be both beautiful and practical. We know we are not perfect - in order to achieve the ideal balance of sustainability and practicality, we sometimes have to compromise. However, we improve every day and get closer to our vision of a responsible and sustainable fashion brand.

Appre was created to bring happiness. It makes me happy every day and I will be honored to make you happy too!

With love,